Brake Light Modulator

Brake Light Modulator
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Bremselys modulator

Big Bike Parts® introduces an all new Brake Light Modulator with universal fitment. This compact aluminum housed modulator converts your ordinary brake light into an attention-grabbing visual alert device, creating more visibility when you are braking.

With the modulator installed, applying your brakes will cause your brake light to automatically emit a visual alert signal of 4-8 short light flashes depending on what mode you select. There are four easy to set visual alert modes: Mode 0 =4 Flashes then Solid Brake; Mode 1 = 4 Flashes then 4 Second Solid Brake with Repeating Pattern; Mode 2 = 8 Flashes then Solid Brake; and Mode 3 = 8 Flashes then 4 Second Solid Brake with Repeating Pattern.

This Brake Light Modulator has a 10 amp capacity and attaches with double-sided adhesive tape and connects with supplied connectors. It is completely universal and a great product to have on your motorcycle to improve safety and visibility.

Universal Use, Selectable Flash Sequence


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